Types of Chains – Different Types of Necklace Chain Links

In the vast realm of jewelry, few elements are as ubiquitous yet as varied as the humble chain.

From ancient civilizations to modern metropolises, chains have gracefully adorned necks, symbolizing status, beauty, and sentimentality.

necklace chain links different types of chain links
necklace chain links different types of chain links

However, for the uninitiated, the multitude of chain types can be nothing short of bewildering. It’s not just about picking a shiny strand; it’s about understanding the craftsmanship, history, and style that make each chain unique.

Whether you’re a jewelry aficionado or a newcomer eager to dive into the fascinating world of necklace links, our comprehensive guide to the types of chains will be your treasure map.

Here, we’ll journey through the winding paths of Anchor Chains to the intricate labyrinths of Byzantine links, shedding light on each type’s distinctive charm and story.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, in today’s digital age, where e-commerce platforms are brimming with options, having a keen knowledge of chain types can make your shopping experience richer and more informed.

No longer will you be swayed merely by the sparkle; you’ll appreciate the art, the technique, and the legacy.

Moreover, for the creators, designers, and sellers, understanding the nuanced differences and preferences around chain types can be invaluable. It’s a testament to the craftsmanship and a bridge to connect with discerning customers.

So, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply appreciate, our detailed exploration into the world of chains is a must-read.

With insights, history, and recommendations, we aim to make your journey through the labyrinth of necklace links both enlightening and enjoyable.

Join us as we unravel the threads of the past, examine the trends of today, and anticipate the styles of tomorrow in the ever-evolving world of chains.

Different Types of Necklace Chain Links in Alphabetical Order

Anchor Chain (Mariner Chain)

anchor chain mariner chain
anchor chain (mariner chain)

Rooted in the nautical world, the Anchor Chain is reminiscent of the chains connected to anchors on ships.

Each link is oval with a horizontal bar across the center. Historically favored by seafarers, this chain design is both robust and stylish, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of durability and elegance.

Ball or Bead Chain

ball or bead chain
ball or bead chain

Often seen on dog tags and keychains, the Ball or Bead Chain consists of small balls or beads linked together at regular intervals.

This design offers a modern and minimalistic appeal, perfect for those looking for understated sophistication. The uniformity of its beads gives it a contemporary edge in the world of jewelry.

Belcher or Rolo Chain

belcher or rolo chain
belcher or rolo chain

Originating from Britain, the Belcher Chain, also known as the Rolo Chain, showcases circular links of the same diameter.

Its design is versatile, making it suitable for both pendants and standalone necklaces. Its simplicity speaks volumes, offering a timeless piece that complements various outfits and occasions.

Box Chain – Also called the Cube, Briolette, or Venetian Types of Chains

box chain
box chain

Characterized by square links that form a continuous smooth chain, the Box Chain is a testament to symmetry and precision.

Its sturdy design makes it less prone to kinking, adding to its appeal for daily wear. This chain is a favorite for those who appreciate geometric beauty in their jewelry.

Byzantine Chain – Also called the Birdcage chain or Idiot’s Delight Chain

Byzantine Chain
Byzantine Chain

With its intricate design of interlocking links, the Byzantine Chain is reminiscent of ancient artistry.

Each section of this chain looks like a pair of linked birdcages, making it a standout piece in any jewelry collection. Its complex pattern exudes an air of luxury and historical significance.

Curb Chain

Curb Chain
Curb Chain

Featuring interlocked, uniform links that lie flat, the Curb Chain is a classic that has found its way into both men’s and women’s jewelry collections.

Its design allows it to capture and reflect light beautifully, making it a shimmering addition to any ensemble.

Cuban Chain

Cuban Chain
Cuban Chain

A variant of the Curb Chain, the Cuban Chain has closely set, flat links that give it a thicker appearance. Popular in hip-hop culture, this chain is bold, making a statement of both style and confidence.

Figaro Chain

Figaro Chain
Figaro Chain

Born from Italian craftsmanship, the Figaro Chain boasts a pattern of alternating small and large links. Its asymmetrical design offers a rhythm in its pattern, making it a captivating choice for those desiring a touch of European flair.

Foxtail Chain (Franco Chain)


Woven together with V-shaped links, the Foxtail Chain offers a dense and sturdy design. Its continuous pattern, resembling the bushy tail of a fox, provides a tactile and visual appeal, ensuring it’s both a pleasure to wear and behold.

Heart Link Chain

heart link chain
heart link chain

A romantic’s favorite, the Heart Link Chain is composed of heart-shaped links connected seamlessly. Symbolizing love and affection, this chain is a perfect gift for loved ones, capturing sentiments in its design.

Herringbone Link Chain

herringbone link chain
herringbone link chain

Mimicking the bone structure of the herring fish, this chain lies flat and showcases a series of parallel links. Its sleek design offers a mirror-like finish, making it a shimmering companion for evening events.

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Omega Chain

Panther Chain or Mesh Chain

A true embodiment of luxury, the Panther Chain, often referred to as the Mesh Chain, boasts interconnected oval links that mimic the movement of a panther’s sinuous body.

Its flat, smooth surface reflects light brilliantly, making it an exquisite choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and flamboyance.

Paperclip Chain

Drawing inspiration from the everyday paperclip, this chain is a celebration of simplicity and modern design.

Comprising elongated, oval links that resemble paperclips, this chain is versatile, making it apt for both pendants and as a standalone piece. Its contemporary design resonates with the minimalist trendsetters of today.


With a texture reminiscent of popcorn kernels, this chain offers a puffed, cushioned look. The symmetrical links provide a captivating play of light and shadow, making the Popcorn chain a delightful choice for those looking for a unique and playful piece of jewelry.


Mimicking the spiral look of a twisted rope, this chain is a testament to intricate craftsmanship. The intertwined links offer a dense, textured appearance, making the Rope chain a preferred choice for those seeking a robust yet elegant piece.

Singapore Twist Chain

A dance of twisted links, the Singapore Twist Chain showcases a series of interconnected segments with a diamond-cut finish. Its design ensures a sparkling effect, making it a radiant addition to any jewelry ensemble.

Snake Chain (or Brazilian)

Characterized by its tight, closely connected links that form a continuous tube-like structure, the Snake Chain offers a sleek and smooth appearance.

Its name derives from its resemblance to a snake’s flexible and sinuous body. A favorite for modern jewelry designs, it offers a seamless look that complements any attire.

Spiga or Wheat Chain

Drawing inspiration from the stalks of a wheat plant, this chain features twisted oval links that are interwoven together.

The Spiga chain offers a symmetrical flow, making it a visually appealing choice for those who appreciate nature-inspired designs.

Trace Chain

A classic in the world of jewelry, the Trace Chain comprises delicate, uniformly sized links. Its understated design makes it a versatile piece, perfect for showcasing pendants or for wearing as a simple, elegant necklace.

Wheat (See Spiga)

Often synonymous with the Spiga chain, the Wheat chain also draws inspiration from wheat stalks. Its interwoven links create a braided look, offering a combination of strength and beauty. Its intricate design is a nod to the bounty of nature and the craftsmanship of artisans.

To Sum up…

The world of necklace chain links is as vast as it is captivating. Each chain, with its unique design and history, offers not just a piece of jewelry, but a story, a legacy, and an art form.

From the robust and nautical-inspired Anchor Chain to the sleek and modern Snake Chain, the variety is a testament to human creativity and craftsmanship.

In today’s digital age, where online shopping reigns supreme, understanding the nuances of these chains can transform your purchasing experience.

No longer will you be swayed by just the sparkle or the price tag; you’ll delve deeper, appreciating the design, the technique, and the cultural significance behind each link.

For those on the creation side of things – the jewelers, designers, and artisans – this knowledge serves as both inspiration and guidance. It’s a reminder of the rich tapestry of history and innovation that forms the backbone of the jewelry world.

And let’s not forget the fashion-forward individuals, for whom a chain is more than a piece of metal. It’s an expression, a statement, a signature look.

Whether you’re channeling the minimalist vibes with a Paperclip Chain or making a bold statement with a Cuban Chain, the choice speaks volumes about your style and personality.

In the grand tapestry of jewelry, chains, though often understated, play a pivotal role. They’re the threads that weave stories, emotions, and history.

As trends evolve and designs transform, one thing remains constant: the timeless allure of chains. From ancient civilizations to contemporary fashion runways, they continue to charm, mesmerize, and inspire.

So, whether you’re a seasoned jewelry enthusiast, a budding designer, or someone just stepping into the shimmering world of chains, remember: each link, each twist, each pattern has a tale to tell. Embrace it, cherish it, and let it add a touch of magic to your ensemble.